Artist Statement

I make theatre to create shared imaginary experiances. In my area of practice and my primary interest in theatre, whether making new pieces for the stage, curating festivals, or when I am constructing a theatre building, I constantly strive to find this shared ground. Theatre gives me the possibility to imagine the world in a new light, it gives me the language to share this imagination with others, and opens up the possibility to coexits in a society.

Theatre is located in a space in between the bodies, the bodies of those doing an action and the bodies of those receiving that action. I experiment with this dynamic, intersubjective space and relationship to discover ways to exchange and share imagination, intentions, emotions, and to evoke cognition and experiances in the bodies. I see the spectators of my performances as vital co-creators of the theatrical experiance.

I believe theatre as a creative approach to life, which helps us to rethink the ways in which we live our lives, and renew the positions that we take in the society.

Sankar Venkateswaran

Photo: Caroline Chin
Walking in the sunlight!

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