When Angels visit

Robin Payne and Tolis Papazouglou spent some time in the tranquillity of Sahyande Theatre. Me and Satoko had the honour to serve them and share thoughts, life and thoughts on life.

A Japanese, a Greek, a New Zealander and an Indian, dinner on-stage.

I had the serindipity to learn in her class, over a decade ago. She is a theatre director, and also has been director for many theatre schools, she teaches acting at reputed theatre courses and she is one of the best voice teachers in the world. Tolis is a theatre designer, director and sceneographer with a unique approach to theatre, culture, space and design.

During the days we spent together here, we talked about our days in Singapore, life in India, New Zealand, Japan, Greece, caste, Ambedkar, Beatrice and Tobi, Shogo Ota, Peter Handke, Peter Brook, Medea, Greek theatre, some new plays, classmates, Ibsen, seating for our Sahyande Theatre, representation, cooking, health and safety striffling creativity in the theatre and many many other things. Tolis and Satoko cooked the best food. We had a good amount of sprit. We watched my recent work (Criminal Tribes Act) and I took many notes and feedbacks from Robin and Tolis.

Look Sisyphus! It’s not the sticky mud anymore, there is some concrete on the path!

After a few days, we drove to Mysore, on the way we saw a mongoose, deers, elephants, peacocks, and many monkeys. It was sad to part. But we are all travellers, and there are crossroads ahead for us to meet.

I have been repeatedly seeing 11:11 on the watch, car, clock and phone. And this has been going on for sometime now. It became so frequesnt that I looked up in the Internet for some possible meanings. Internet said that seeing 11:11 meant that there is a message from the Angels.

It’s very special when Angels visit. Especially when they are theatre angels visiting theatre spaces. They inspire, and radiate such warmth. Thank you Robin & Tolis.

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